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How does availability work?

In the CliniShift app you will see a calendar which allows staff to mark themselves as available or busy. By sharing this information, your manager can decide whether or not to send an available shift to you. Tech support email

When I mark myself as available or busy, can I select a particular time?

Yes when you are marking yourself as busy or available in the calendar, you must specify the times you are busy or available. After you have selected the dates you are available or busy on you can tap the start time and the end time to set your time range.

I shared my availability on the app, why have I not received a shift request?

The purpose of CliniShift is to enable managers and staff communicate with one another to fill last minute call-outs and overtime shifts. If you have marked yourself as available for certain dates and have not yet received a shift request, it simply means your manager is not looking for additional staff at this time. Please continue to share your availability, a shift will be sent to you when the need arises.