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Whether you are clinical or non-clinical staff, there has been a shift towards more flexible working options.


Healthcare staff are experiencing burnout due to their demanding work. Many are seeking a more flexible schedule to achieve a better work-life balance and avoid burnout. Having the option to self schedule can be essential in retaining staff that are simply indispensable.

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Using the CliniShift Manager, staffing specialists can engage with staff on their terms.

Focused on all matters from scheduling to compliance, it's never been easier to manage large cohorts of staff on a platform everyone loves to use.

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    Shift conversion

    Save money and increase staff satisfaction by filling vacancies with available qualified staff.

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    Flexible schedules

    Be flexible and help reduce burnout and improve work-life balance among staff members.

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    Vendor access

    Meet staffing needs by having automated access to agency's.

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    Achieve a responsive and aligned workforce through seamless contact.

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The mobile advantage circle

The CliniShift App for staff is a user friendly, minimally invasive app that makes responding to managers and colleagues a joy not a chore.

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Using internal hierarchies and individual compliance, CliniShift ensures that staff only have access to shift information they are qualified to view and work. Staff member's highly personal schedule and habits mean they do not need to be contacted for every vacancy that occurs.

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CliniShift allows you to always contact your lowest cost resources first by using queues for shift escalation.

Whether your preference is to contact support services first or staff on overtime last. CliniShift allows to build a custom flow to support your business rules.

This is a great way to save money, improve on continuity of care and increase efficiency.

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Great metrics in healthcare staffing are essential. By optimizing resource allocation and complying with regulations, you can maintain a satisfied and productive workforce.

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    Shift conversion

    Boast highly consistent shift fill rates by intelligently knowing when to contact staff.

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    Reduction in calls

    Cut out the need for time consuming phone, email, text and message correspondence.

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    Time saved

    Reduce the workload on your busy staffing operators.

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"CliniShift has been a useful application in communicating with our Hospital Bank Staff. The system is easy to use, accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week to staff and is a convenient platform to ensure staff and administrators alike can communicate clearly and effectively with one another. This is hugely beneficial for Staff and Managers in our Hospital and the CliniShift Customer Service team have been very hands-on with the rollout of this service to all staff ensuring it is used to its maximum potential."

Manager Nursing Bank Unit

"The CliniShift App software has helped to address this problem, as it offers an automated daily status report on contingency staffing levels. I really like that this software solution has the ability to easily access the availability of our own cohort of Nurses & HCA’s in real-time which I see as critical to the continuity of care for patients. The CliniShift App empowers our staff to find extra capacity in their working week to fill internal shifts as well as providing transparency around the hospital’s overtime requirements."

Director of Nursing

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