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Smarter Scheduling for the Healthcare Industry

CliniShift is a superior shift scheduling software designed for healthcare managers and it also serves as an information and communication platform. It enables healthcare managers to reach out to their internal staff to ensure open shifts are filled at short notice through both the CliniShift App, which is free to download by clinical and non-clinical staff, and the CliniShift Manager Portal. The CliniShift App allows staff to share their availability and accept open shifts seamlessly and the CliniShift Manager Portal sends out requests to to qualified members of their clinical or non-clinical team in real-time. Using our unique queuing system healthcare organizations will be able manage shifts more effectively.

Our algorithms produce powerful request queues based on staff booking patterns and their engagement with the app. CliniShift not only provides an effective way to communicate with staff around shift management, but also our broadcast feauture enables managers to send out short bulletins of information to groups of staff. Our disruptive technology was designed to ease the workload put on managers and to challenge the current over reliance on outside agency staff.

Our Story

Focus on the solution, not on the problem.

CliniShift was founded in 2015 by Aimée Madden, with the aim of tackling the increasing reliance by healthcare organizations on high-cost agency staff. The CliniShift software was borne out of her dedication to solving this problem. Today CliniShift is supporting workforce teams and managers across multiple healthcare organizations in Ireland, the UK and North America. CliniShift’s ambition is to be the leading technology when solving the shift management challenges faced by healthcare managers globally.


Our team is passionate about what they do and the problems they are solving for staff and managers across the healthcare sector in multiple markets. The CliniShift technology is a bespoke solution that has been designed and developed from our Headquarters in Dublin by a highly qualified and dedicated team. Each member of the CliniShift team brings with them a unique skill and talent that has resulted in a software platform that is offering a comprehensive suite of workforce solutions right across the healthcare industry.


As a provider of technology to the healthcare industry, we pride ourselves on delivering innovation & quality to our customers. Our team is committed to the problems they are solving for staff and managers across multiple markets, with passion and talent.


Our goal when we founded CliniShift was the same as it is today, to provide the best in class workforce solutions so that our customers can focus on what matters most to them, their patients and staff.


The CliniShift team is committed to delivering to our customers a robust, reliable technology enabling both staff and managers to work smarter and in turn deliver better quality of care to their patients.

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