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How do shift requests work?

How do I accept or decline requests?

You simply click the “Accept” or “Decline” button in the “Shifts” section of the app.

How do I know I have a shift request pending?

Shift requests can be sent to you by a Manager through a notification in the app. This should appear at first in your locked screen once your notifications are switched on. Shifts can also be sent to you through an SMS or an email.

Where can I find my shift requests?

In the app you will see a number of buttons along the bottom. Along that row you will see a button that says “Shifts”. Tap this and you will see “Available”“Upcoming”“Completed shifts”. Tap one of these items to check the status of your shift requests.

What happens when I accept a shift request?

Once you accept a shift request, that particular date will be shaded in blue. So you and your Manager know you are already booked. Booked shifts will also sync to the native calendar in your phone, which you can set to alert you that your shift is upcoming.