CliniShift App
For Staff
The CliniShift App is available to download on iOS and Android
devices by staff in any healthcare Organization across all
profession types including Nurses, Doctors, Allied Health
Professionals and non-clinical staff.
Staff can share their availability to work extra shifts within
their Organization, view their schedule, request time off and
receive important information such as changes to their shift details.
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The CliniShift App is free
to download on iOS and Android

The CliniShift App is free for download on iOS and Android devices.
From their smartphone staff can:
  • View their full working schedule
  • Share their availability to work overtime or additional shifts or mark themselves as busy
  • View worked shifts
  • Check in and check out of their shift
  • Request time off and view response from managers
  • Receive broadcast messages from mangers and read important organizational documentation
  • Share and manage their credentials and training documents

Key Features



Staff can view a log of their booked shifts, broadcast history, request to cancel a shift, and can also request annual leave from their manager.


Staff can share their planned availability with managers up to three months in advance, or mark themselves as busy, avoiding any unnecessary shift requests.


Staff can receive bulletins of information in real-time to their smartphone relating to quick changes in protocols as well as updates or changes to their shift details.


Staff can view their full work schedule, including all rostered hours and any additional overtime together in one place from their smartphones.

Time off

Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which managers then have full control to approve, reject or edit.


Enable staff to manage their credentialing & mandatory CPD documents using our integrated credentialing tool in the CliniShift App.

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