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CliniShift is a superior communication platform
that can seamlessly manage short notice shifts
vacation requests and open shift management.
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The CliniShift Manager web portal is fully integrated with the CliniShift smartphone app, facilitating communication between Managers and staff in real-time. As members of staff share their availability to work overtime or extra shifts on the App, Managers will have full visibility of who is available for shift call outs on a day to day basis. Time consuming phone calls, text messages, group messaging and emails will soon be a thing of the past using the CliniShift Manager platform.


Seamlessly on-board staff onto the CliniShift Mangers Portal.

Once a staff member has downloaded the CliniShift App, they must fill out some key information upon registering about their skill set and years of experience before being approved onto the Manager portal. This is a seamless, straight forward process for staff members to follow. Once approved, staff members can be added to certain groups, receive shift notifications, communicate with their Manager and share important information about their mandatory continues professional development and training documents.


Our chat function CliniChat allows Managers and staff to communicate directly with each other in relation to both upcoming and historical shifts booked.

Each message is linked to a particular shift by a reference number, accessible through the app and Manager's portal. CliniShift also enables Managers to send out broadcasts to the entire organisation or to a group of staff, depending on the information being communicated

Shift management

CliniShift enables managers to send direct shift requests through our unique queuing system, or to a group of staff requiring Managers approval.

This approvals process allows Managers to ensure the appropriate staff member is matched with the shift to be filled. Managers can also mark a shift as urgent to increase the chances that the shift gets filled. All shifts are tracked and traced making verified shifts easy to extract for weekly and monthly payroll and reports


CliniShift enables Managers to manage all relevant staff credentialing & mandatory CPD documents.

This allows managers to define the particular skills required to work a specific shift. Our credentialing tool also notifies Managers and staff when a particular document is due to expire, providing warnings to staff on the app and omitting a candidate who’s records or qualifications are not up to date in the candidate selection page.

Schedule builder

This innovative feature enables Managers to edit, share and publish staffs permanent roster hours from the CliniShift Manager.

Once published, staff can easily view their full roster from their smartphones. Staffing Administrators who currently manage shifts on excel can easily edit and share rosters with staff managers before publishing. This enables effective forward planning, creates transparency around vacancies, reduces the number of missed shifts and encourages staff to pick up additional shifts. Staff can then view their entire roster seamlessly and in real time from their smartphone, helping them to better plan their work schedule and share their availability to work additional shifts.

Time off

Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which mangers then have full control to approve, reject or edit.

Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which mangers then have full control to approve, reject or edit.

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Key Features


Staff can view a log of their booked shifts, broadcast history, request to cancel a shift, and can also request annual leave from their manager.


Staff can share their planned availability with managers up to three months in advance, or mark themselves as busy, avoiding any unnecessary shift requests.


Staff can receive bulletins of information in real-time to their smartphone relating to quick changes in protocols as well as updates or changes to their shift details.


Booked shifts will appear in staff members native calendar app notifying them when they are due to be in work 24 hours and 3 hours beforehand.

Time off

Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which managers then have full control to approve, reject or edit.


Enable staff to manage their credentialing & mandatory CPD documents using our integrated credentialing tool in the CliniShift App.

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