How to become a Nurse

Written By Angelica / July 18, 2019

After years of experiences in the healthcare field helping your teddy bear getting better,
you had decided to follow your passion helping others, BUT!! What comes next?

First, as any other career you must invest a lot of time, studying and preparing, but as the
saying goes “when you enjoy your work, it hardly feels like a job”.
If you feel this is your calling, the next step would be to research exactly the degree that fits
you the best and apply to the Central Applizations Office (CAO).

How to be a nurse in Ireland

However if you still unsure, doing an ability quiz may help you decide, the Nursing and
Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) recommends this questionare.After you have sent your application to the CAO, keep in mind some mature applicants will
have to apply to sit an assessment test in addition to this.

Once you receive your results and start studying for yous career, keep in mind once you are
done you will have to enroll to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. If your
education was in the Republic of Ireland most likely you have all the requirements needed
to enroll to NMBI.

Study nursing

If you are still not sure about the requirements you can check here to see what is needed to
qualify. Keep in mind if English is not your first language, you will have to do an academic
English test like the “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS) or the
“Occupational English Language Test “(OET) .

However, if you studied in another country you may need to do some exams to valid your
knowledge, in this case it is recommended you double check this handbook.
It is also important to mention if you are not Irish citizen you may require a permit to

Nurse life

And last but not least, once you have all the requirements fulfilled, the job hunt begins.
There are a number of options available to you as a Nurse, Hospitals, Nursing Homes,
Home Help to name but a few. You might even come across CliniShift in the organsiation
you work in, this is a platform that offers you a way to get extra shifts in different locations.
So good luck on your journey to becoming a nurse, it is one of the most amazing ways to
help others, besides your teddy bear.

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