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CliniShift for Hospices

The CliniShift software suite is applicable right throughout the healthcare sector helping managers and staff to easily communicate when trying to fill open shifts. As CliniShift is extremely agile, we work with multidisciplinary teams, one of which is hospice organizations. Hospices, just like post-acute care centers have multiple staff types such as nurses, CNA’s and carers. This makes CliniShift the best solution to help them with their open shift management.

What we do at a glance!

Scheduling Tool

Manage all permanent and open shifts together in one place from the CliniShift Managers portal. Staff can in turn view all shifts from their smartphone.

Swap shifts

Give staff the ability to conveniently swap shifts with one another.

Time off

Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which managers then have full control to approve, reject or edit.


Staff can receive bulletins of information in real-time to their smartphone relating to quick changes in protocols as well as updates or changes to their shift details


Receive notifications to your smartphone when a new shift request has been sent.

Calendar Integration

Booked shifts will appear in staff members native calendar app notifying them when they are due to be in work 24 hours and 3 hours beforehand.

Document Management and Credentials

Manage staff credentialing & mandatory CPD documents using our integrated credentialing tool.

Targeted shift requests

Send out queued requests to targeted groups based on availability. Shift details are easy to extract for weekly and monthly payroll.

Targeted Micro Learning

Send out bulletins of information and attach documents relating to quick changes in protocols or other relevant important updates and track if staff have received, read and acknowledged the information.

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