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CliniShift for Outpatients

Surgery Centres –The model of care has evolved of the past number of years with a move away from acute hospital care towards the non-acute healthcare environment. State of the art healthcare facilities now offer stand alone outpatient services such as primary care, day surgery centers, diagnostics and Emergency and ambulatory care.

These types of environments have a very shift orientated culture with many last minute call outs, shift adjustments to meet the service needs and requirements hence many changes to staff schedules and rosters. As CliniShift expands its Organizational type, we become experts on building out the relevant business rules and processes associated with each Outpatient Organization we work with. The overall agility of our software platform lends itself to a very agnostic and robust cloud based solution for healthcare professionals.

What we do at a glance!

Targeted shift requests

Send out queued requests to targeted groups based on availability. Shift details are easy to extract for weekly and monthly payroll.

Time off

Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which mangers then have full control to approve, reject or edit.

Swap shifts

Give staff the ability to conveniently swap shifts with one another.

Two-way secure messaging

A private messaging service giving staff and managers the freedom to connect on a shift by shift basis.


Receive notifications to your smartphone when a new shift request has been sent.

Calendar Integration

Booked shifts will appear in staff members native calendar app notifying them when they are due to be in work 24 hours and 3 hours beforehand.


Staff members can easily check in and out of their shifts using the CliniShift app. This enables staff to sign off on hours worked and query time and attendance through the app.

Document Management and Credentials

Manage staff credentialing & mandatory CPD documents using our integrated credentialing tool.

Scheduling Tool

Manage all permanent and open shifts together in one place from the CliniShift Managers portal. Staff can in turn view all shifts from their smartphone.

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