08 / 10 / 20

CliniShift is Now On G-Cloud 12

CliniShift is delighted to announce that we are now a member of the G-Cloud 12 framework. We’ve recently been accepted to join the G-Cloud 12 framework and are delighted to be able to make our services available to more of our potential customers across the UK and make their procurement process easier too.

About G-Cloud

G-Cloud is effectively a digital marketplace for cloud based software services. The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at easing procurement by public-sector bodies in departments of the United Kingdom Government of commodity information technology services that use cloud computing. 

G-Cloud was set up to provide potential buyers a marketplace of potential vendors which they could easily go through to determine which ones meet their needs. There has currently been over £6 billion in sales with over 44% of those sales going to SME’s.

G-Cloud is the gold standard of market places for cloud based software solutions and CliniShift is delighted to have been able to meet the high standards to join the G-Cloud framework.

About CliniShift

CliniShift is an e-resourcing software suite providing an information, communication platform which enables healthcare managers to reach out to their own internal staff to ensure non-scheduled shifts are filled at short notice.

It encompasses both the CliniShift App (free to download) and the CliniShift Manager. It is applicable to all staff, both clinical and non-clinical across any healthcare setting.

Our algorithms produce powerful request queues based on staff members’ booking patterns and their engagement with the app. CliniShift’s broadcast functionality enables managers to send out short bulletins of information to groups of staff.

CliniShift is a disruptive technology designed to challenge the over reliance on agency staff. The software was developed in Dublin by the CliniShift development Team.

The CliniShift Software distinguishes itself from the competition in its commitment to new clients by working closely with them to ensure technology adoption among staff and managers, while consulting with Managers on how the software can address some specific organisational issues.

What This Means to Us

Being a member of the G-Cloud framework will enable us to place CliniShift in front of many new potential clients who are looking to improve their staff efficiency and reduce an over reliance on third party agency staff.

CliniShift was Founded in 2015 by Aimée Madden, with the aim of tackling the increasing reliance by healthcare organisations on high cost agency staff. As a former hospital CEO, Aimée has first-hand experience with the challenges involved when filling shifts last minute through phone calls and instant messaging groups. 

The CliniShift technology platform was borne out of her dedication to solving this problem. Today CliniShift is supporting workforce teams and managers across multiple healthcare organisations in Ireland and North America. Aimée’s ambition is to make CliniShift the leading technology when solving the challenges met by healthcare managers globally.