“Over the last 10 years we have witnessed a huge decrease in the number of nurses and HCA’s available to work in hospitals and with increasing pressure on budgets, this challenge is not getting any easier to manage.”


“The CliniShift App software has helped to address this problem,  as it offers an automated daily status report on contingency staffing levels. I really like that this software solution has the ability to easily access the availability of our own cohort of Nurses & HCA’s in real-time which I see as critical to the continuity of care for patients. The CliniShift App empowers our staff to find extra capacity in their working week to fill internal shifts as well as providing transparency around the hospital’s overtime requirements.”


“The rationale for adopting this technology was to reduce the hospital’s agency spend as well as automating what once was a very manual and time-consuming process. With the unique features of the CliniShift App and CliniShift Manager, our clinical staff and managers can efficiently communicate with each other to seamlessly book overtime shifts in real-time.”