Aimée Madden

Meet Aimée Madden

Founder & CEO

As a former hospital CEO, I understand the challenge when it comes to filling vacant shifts in hospital rosters last minute via emails, phone calls, and text messages.

During my time managing a hospital with tight budgets and a lack of resources, I identified a need to address staff shortages at short notice. Initially I tackled this issue by setting up a group text messaging service, but I always knew it would be unsustainable in the long run. From my passion to take this idea further and improve upon it, thus freeing up resources so that they can be reinvested in patient care, CliniShift was born.

The aim of the CliniShift software suite is to enable hospital managers to better engage with their clinical staff, removing the need for manual processes and inconvenient forms of communication. My team has built specific algorithms into our platform to maximise shift acceptance for the allocation of overtime and contingency shifts in real-time.

Our software can be customised to suit any healthcare organisation including hospitals, community care centres, and home care providers.

If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for joining CliniShift in its journey towards improving efficiency in the rostering of healthcare professionals.

Aimee Madden

Eoin Murphy


Technology enthusiast who focuses on creating robust, maintainable, and extendable enterprise grade cloud software solutions.

Stemming from a price of creating quality, Eoin transforms existing solutions into scalable modern architectures.

Ian Chambers

UK Partner

A Business Improvement specialist with over 20 years’ experience devising and leading complex Operational and Financial Turnaround, Transformation and Continuous Improvement Programmes.

With a background in Change Management, Lean Transformation, Financial & Commercial Management, Supply Chain / Procurement Optimisation and Programme Delivery gained within leading UK and International Public and Private sector organisations.

David M. Wattling

Country Manager, Canada

Dave provides advisory, strategy, business growth and governance services to public, private and non-profit organisations that are focused on healthcare transformation, domestically and abroad.

Prior to his retirement from TELUS in March 2018, Dave was responsible to deliver breakthrough growth in support of TELUS’ health agenda. He accomplished this by leveraging M&A, ventures investment, strategic partnerships and international channels.

Ross Clancy

Web Developer

Driving to help solve problems within the healthcare industry through technology, Ross is obsessed with providing CliniShift users with the most efficient and dynamic of web solutions.

Computer science alumni committed to professional and personal development. In his downtime, Ross can be found enjoying music and enjoying 'some of that natural splendor'.

Shane Murphy

Full stack developer

A master of all trades, Shane enjoys coding under a multitude of different disciplines. A lover of travel and a certified film and music buff.

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