Your shifts, Your way

Available to all clinical staff. The CliniShift App enables users to control, schedule and communicate with their hospital through a unified interface that they'll grow to love.


See your upcoming schedule, the hours you've worked and your last shift.

A wealth of information instantly.


Respond to shift requests through your mobile phone, at a time that suits you.

CliniShift's syncs your shifts with your personal Google or Apple calendar.


No more calls, text messages, group chat messages or emails.

With the CliniShift mobile App, you’ll only ever receive notifications that are relevant to you and the shifts you work.


Share your planned availability with hospital administration staff. Mark your available and busy periods.

Up to three months in advance!


CliniChat provides you with direct access to hospital staff associated with your shift.

Your urgent questions answered at your convenience.


Whether working the day or night shift, CliniShift's forward thinking "Dark mode", ensures comfort while using the app.

Try out the demo!

Schedule a walkthrough of our award winning platform to see how you can greatly increase the efficiency of your staffing administrators. Make a shift request with the click of a button. Oversee the availability of all your staff at any time and engage with them better than ever before.