08 / 11 / 19

BioSTL Attracts International Health Care Innovators to St. Louis

Louis GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit Brings New Technologies to Local Health Care Systems to Create Competitive Advantage and Economic Impact

ST. LOUIS – The full strength of the St. Louis region’s health care industry will be on display for highly-innovative digital health companies from Israel, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands at the second annual ​GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit​ ​on June 27, 2018. GlobalSTL, the international company recruitment initiative of BioSTL, reviewed more than 600 digital health companies and invited 14 of the most compelling companies to pitch their cutting-edge technologies to decision-makers from St. Louis area hospitals and corporations, as well as a cadre of venture capitalists looking to invest in new companies.

The highly-curated event introduces transformational technologies to the St. Louis health care industry that can specifically improve the quality and access to health care while lowering costs by solving challenges in patient care, health care delivery and hospital operations. Each international company that applied to the Summit was subjected to a thorough vetting process to identify the companies that had the best chance for getting a deal done. This included direct feedback from the innovation and operational leaders of St. Louis’ health care systems, corporations and investors about which international companies might best address their strategic priorities and bring them competitive advantage.

This approach of linking the demand for innovation to the sourcing of international companies directly resulted in five international companies landing business deals and partnerships in St. Louis following the ​inaugural GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit​ in 2017.

The success demonstrates the three-fold goal of GlobalSTL: (1) provide St. Louis companies access to cutting-edge technology to boost their competitive advantage; (2) secure prized U.S. customers and strategic partners for the international companies; and (3) leverage the first two wins to establish the U.S. headquarters of high growth international companies in St. Louis, thus enriching St. Louis’ ecosystem with new jobs, new talent and innovation, and new economic activity. Brookings Institution​ has recognized this creative approach of BioSTL and its GlobalSTL initiative as a national model for attracting global innovation and growing mid-size cities.