2018 GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit

Written By Ross Clancy / October 2, 2018

A recap of events from the 2018 GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit.

The second annual GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit connected 14 international health care companies with the massive buying power of the St. Louis and midwestern health care ecosystem.

International companies that participated: Babylon Health (UK) CliniShift (Ireland) CliniWorks (Israel) Datos (Israel) HealthBeacon (Ireland) MedAware (Israel) Medisafe (Israel) Medorion (Israel) Nym (Israel) Odoro (Israel) Profility (Israel) swyMed (Netherlands) TytoCare (Israel) VRHealth (Israel) — GlobalSTL, launched in 2014, is an initiative of BioSTL (www.biostl.org) to transform the St. Louis economy on a foundation of innovation and global connectedness.

Key to its success is identifying global innovation that brings strategic business value and impact to the St. Louis region’s health care systems, corporations, research institutions, and ecosystem partners. GlobalSTL recruits high-growth international companies in St. Louis’ industries of strength, including health care, agriculture, finance, and cybersecurity.

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